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Why are we inspired by gemstones?

We believe the world around us should be bright and gleaming. Coco Chanel used to say: "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". By combining these two truths, we have created something that allows women to feel incomparable. Simply plunge into our world of jewellery and you won't remain indifferent.

Precious stone jewellery has a rich history. We carefully keep those treasures as remembrance of loved ones. There is something mysterious about gemstone jewellery. It gets passed from generation to generation, becoming a part of our lives and witnessing its changes.

World's most famous museums are proud to display pieces of jewellery from other eras.

Pharaohs of Egypt, the leaders of the most ancient civilisation, wore gold necklaces encrusted with rubies, turquoise, emeralds. La Peregrina pearl, weighing 55 carats, rewarded a slave who found it with freedom. Afterwards it became a favourite jewel of the Spanish monarchs, and was repeatedly captured in medieval paintings. Peregrina's story lasts for 500 years and it hasn't ended yet.

A classic engagement ring with diamond will mark life's new chapter and will become a beginning of a new story.

We want every woman to feel herself like a queen, who deserves the best, when wearing our jewellery.

Precious stones had always attracted people. They enchant us with an abundance of the most incredible colours, created by nature itself. Since olden times, people empower stones with magical properties, assuming they can heal and improve our lives.

After all, gemstones adorn royal regalia, which are treasured by the monarchy for centuries. Precious stones are immortal, they allow us to preserve our memories of the most important events for years.

We strive to become a part of your stories, and we want every woman to feel herself like a queen, who deserves the best, when wearing our jewellery. Each piece of jewellery purchased in our store, deserves to become your life's fellow as well as to be a part of important moments.

We take the product assortment very seriously. With a wide range of classical pieces, we are in step with the times, always looking for the most stylish and modern products for those who are in fashion. .

a wide selection of jewellery

Treat yourself with a new piece of jewellery or find the perfect gift for a loved one. Our gold, sterling silver, as well as imitation jewellery, will cater for all tastes. From watches and accessories, classic silver studs to evening fine jewellery with precious stones, here you are sure to find something you will love.

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