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JAHONTS engagement rings have been created according to the best jewellers’ traditions; they will become the confirmation that you and your true future spouse are ready to take your common path of life. The engagement ring will be like a shining beacon that will lead you to the unforgettable wedding ceremony. JAHONTS engagement rings stand out with their fine and elegant design, and – always – with their flawless quality. We offer engagement rings created according to romantic and classical traditions, decorated with sophisticated jewels, as well as rings of original design created by jewellers – these rings will be noticed by their extravagance.

JAHONTS engagement rings will suit to the desires of every couple, because they have been made of white, yellow and red gold, supplemented with the compositions of sparkling jewels. We know that an engagement ring is jewellery with a symbolic message for the relations of every couple, therefore we have done everything possible in order JAHONTS engagement rings would make you feel disappointed regarding their outstanding qualities.

Our goal is to satisfy every client’s desires by offering excellent quality jewellery approbated at the National Standard Bureau. Therefore we cooperate only with experienced producers of jewellery all over the world.

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Классическое кольцо из красного золота ZG1116310

127.04 EUR 95.28 EUR

Золотое кольцо с тремя цирконами ZGMLKR221RW

132.21 EUR 99.16 EUR

Золотое кольцо с одним камнем ZGA374

Цены начиная от 149.45 EUR 112.09 EUR

Золотое кольцо с иллюзией циркона ZGSNTT162R

Цены начиная от 159.26 EUR 119.44 EUR


Цены начиная от 159.55 EUR 119.66 EUR

Кольцо из красного золота с цирконами ZGMLKR222RW

Цены начиная от 163.26 EUR 122.44 EUR

Помолвочное кольцо из белого золота с цирконом ZGA374W

164.94 EUR 123.70 EUR

Золотое кольцо с цирконом в центре ZGYZ2384

Цены начиная от 167.77 EUR 125.83 EUR

Золотое кольцо с цирконом в центре ZGATT-92

Цены начиная от 168.12 EUR 126.09 EUR

Kольцо из белого золота с цирконом в центре ZGYZ2384W

Цены начиная от 174.02 EUR 130.51 EUR

Золотое кольцо со сверкающими цирконами ZGYZ2083

Цены начиная от 175.69 EUR 131.77 EUR

ZGALTK-100W Помолвочное кольцо из белого золота

Цены начиная от 182.42 EUR 136.81 EUR

Золотое кольцо из белого золота с иллюзией циркона ZGSNTT162W

Цены начиная от 183.0 EUR 137.25 EUR

Золотое кольцо солитер с цирконом круглой огранки ZGALTK-100R

194.20 EUR 145.65 EUR


201.75 EUR 151.31 EUR