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Silver spoon ''Chippendale''

47.96 EUR 43.16 EUR

Silver spoon with Rose tip

47.96 EUR 43.16 EUR

Silver spoon Musla

50.67 EUR 45.60 EUR

Silver coffee spoon

53.38 EUR 48.04 EUR

Silver coffee spoon

56.09 EUR 50.48 EUR

Silver cofee spoon "Romantica"

56.32 EUR 50.69 EUR

Silver anti-bacterial water freshener

57.10 EUR 51.39 EUR

Sterling silver coffee spoon with cute Snake

57.88 EUR 52.09 EUR

Sterling silver water freshener

59.26 EUR 53.33 EUR

Children’s silver spoon with Rose handle pattern

61.52 EUR 55.37 EUR

Silver sugar shell spoon

61.55 EUR 55.39 EUR

Silver dessert mini knife

64.37 EUR 57.93 EUR

Sterling silver children spoon with Cuckoo-clock depiction

67.10 EUR 60.39 EUR

Zodiac coffee spoon ''Scorpio''

67.10 EUR 60.39 EUR

Zodiac spoon ''Sagittarius''

67.10 EUR 60.39 EUR

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