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Topaz is a semiprecious stone, with 8 points out of 10 on the Mohs scale. It is durable and insoluble in acids. Despite its hardness, the stone is easily polished, showcasing luxurious, vitreous luster. It occurs in a great variety of colours, but the most popular is sky blue. Pink topazes are very rare, and as a result, get much higher valuation.


Almost all topazes are treated in order to make them brighter. In most cases this is carried out by irradiation and heating. These also include London Blue topaz, which conquered the hearts of millions of women for its gorgeous deep colour, comparable to the colour of London overcast skies.



Topazes will look equally good either framed in white metal, or in yellow or red gold. They are easily combined with other gemstones, creating beautiful colour palettes. It is worth bearing in mind topazes should be protected from the direct sunlight, as they can fade. Although some stones may restore its former colour after a long stay in the dark.


Topaz is an incredibly beautyful stone. It was able to "fool" the Portuguese monarchs, which have long believed the famous Braganza stone, weighing 1680 carats, was an extraordinary large diamond.  

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