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Marvellous wedding rings

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Marvellous wedding rings

Created with the utmost care and in the best traditions of jewellery-making, JAHONTS wedding rings will bear witness to your love and guard your special moments and memories. JAHONTS wedding rings stand out with a refined and thoughtful design and impeccable quality. Our range includes classic wedding rings for men and women, as well as original wedding rings designed by jewellers with embedded gemstones, sophisticated polish or two-tone gold, which makes for particularly elegant pieces. 

JAHONTS wedding rings are available in white, yellow, red and combined gold, giving each couple a chance to find exactly what they are looking for. We know that a wedding ring is worth more than money. It is a special symbol with deep emotional meaning, which is why we have done everything to make sure JAHONTS rings will not disappoint with their excellent properties and reliability for years to come.

We strive to fulfil the needs of any customer, offering premium quality jewellery hallmarked at the Assay Office of Latvia. This is why we only cooperate with experienced jewellery makers from around the world

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Gold wedding ring, sleek ZG2MM

Prices start from 89.67 EUR 67.25 EUR

Wedding ring red gold sleek ZG3MM

Prices start from 133.99 EUR 100.49 EUR

Wedding ring from yellow gold ZGLA06-3Z

Prices start from 142.07 EUR 106.55 EUR

Wedding ring crafted out of white gold ZG3MMW

Prices start from 160.85 EUR 120.64 EUR

Gold ring with withe rhodium plated stripes ZGHK0081

Prices start from 163.10 EUR 122.32 EUR

Gold wedding ring, comfort fit ZG3MM/1

Prices start from 185.53 EUR 139.15 EUR

Gold wedding ring with diamond cut trim ZGALY30

Prices start from 190.94 EUR 143.20 EUR


200.12 EUR 150.09 EUR

Classic wedding ring ZG3MM/1Y

Prices start from 216.04 EUR 162.03 EUR

Classic wedding ring yellow gold ZG4MMY

Prices start from 224.07 EUR 168.05 EUR

Gold wedding ring ZGHK0054/1

249.04 EUR 186.78 EUR

Wedding ring, bi-color ZGR808

Prices start from 249.53 EUR 187.15 EUR


Prices start from 261.35 EUR 196.01 EUR

Gold wedding ring with rhodium ZGQ1027

Prices start from 267.68 EUR 200.76 EUR

Wide wedding ring, rhodium plated ZGC1179

Prices start from 280.89 EUR 210.67 EUR