JAHONTS golden engagement rings stand out with their elegant design and flawless quality, becoming a wonderful symbol of the couple’s readiness to enter into marriage.


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Fascinating engagement rings

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Fascinating engagement rings

Red gold ring with zircons ZGMLKR222RW

Prices start from 125.07 EUR 93.80 EUR

Gold ring with zircon in the center ZGG096R

Prices start from 132.07 EUR 99.05 EUR

Gold ring with one stone ZGA374

Prices start from 136.35 EUR 102.26 EUR

Solitaire ring in sleek red gold ZGSNTT162R

Prices start from 138.34 EUR 103.75 EUR

Gold ring with three zircons ZGMLKR221RW

Prices start from 146.56 EUR 109.92 EUR

Gold ring with sparkle cubic zirconia ZGYZ2083

Prices start from 151.61 EUR 113.71 EUR


152.96 EUR 114.72 EUR

White gold ring with cubic zirconia ZGYZ1693W

Prices start from 155.07 EUR 116.30 EUR

White gold ring with cubic zirconia ZGSNTT162W

Prices start from 157.90 EUR 118.42 EUR

Engagement ring of white gold with zircon ZGA374W

Prices start from 158.79 EUR 119.09 EUR


Prices start from 159.55 EUR 119.66 EUR

Solitaire ring, crafted out of red gold ZGCR201914

Prices start from 166.08 EUR 124.56 EUR

Gold ring solitaire with cubic zirconia ZGATT-92

Prices start from 168.12 EUR 126.09 EUR

Gold ring with zircon ZGG836/9

169.90 EUR 127.42 EUR


Prices start from 172.25 EUR 129.19 EUR