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In the modern production of gold and silver jewels there is a set of kinds of decorative processing: rhodium plate, glaciation, enamelling, combustion etc. Therefore to protect your jewellery from mechanical and chemical damage it is necessary to adhere strictly to rules.

Always take off your jewellery when:

- using alkaline, as also chlorine or by iodine containing wash liquids;

- performing of home duties;

- using of creams and ointments;

- washing of hands;

- recept of medical baths;

- visiting a solarium, sauna, bath;

- going to sleep;

- planning sport activities.

Also it is not recommended:

- to wear hollow products with pendant;

- to allow contact of openwork jewels with knitted clothes.

All goods with precious stones should be protected from influence of sharp differences of temperatures.

Many natural stones (a ruby, a topaz, a garnet, a turquoise etc.) can change original colour due to light influence, there for it is necessary to keep them in special boxes.

When jewellery is taken off, wipe it with soft shammies or flannel serviette.

If jewellery became dirty, it is recommended to wash it in a warm soap solution with liquid ammonia: 6 drops of ammonia water on 200 ml clean water, then to wash out in pure flowing water and to dry it up.

Fatty touches will disappear from pearls when they washed out in warm water, rinsed and dried up.Jewellery with pearls should be preserved against influence of spirits and hairspray.


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