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Perhaps, everyone has heard about incredible effects of silver. However, not everyone knows how big is the range.

Even if you do not owe any silver jewellery, it does not mean you do not encounter it from day to day. Silver is widely used in technology due to its electrical conductivity. So, almost every home appliance will contain silver particles.

We can get a small dosage of silver with food and water. It is not harmful to the organism, on the contrary, it stops the bacterial growth. Silver is officially registered as a food additive E174, obtained from crushed silver ore. The additive is generally used as a colorant.




You can not ignore the antiseptic properties of silver, which had been discovered thousands of years ago. Silver had been used on wounds, disinfecting them and contributing to rapid healing. Silver purified water has a positive effect on our health. Regularly consumed it increases metabolism, improves skin condition, boosts immunity and more.



Utensils made of silver represent a wealthy family. Such dishes will decorate the most important events and holidays. Such tableware will adorn the most important events and celebrations. With proper care silver utensils will last for generations, increasing its value. Silverware manufacturing traditionally uses 830° silver. Silver spoons are traditionally given to kids on "the first tooth" or Christening day by godparents.

In our shop you will find a wide selection of 830° silver and 925°sterling silver tableware, such as cutlery, dishes, silver water filters, and of course children's spoons.


Thanks to this precious metal's relatively low cost, silver is widely used in jewellery manufacturing. It is quite ductile and has an attractive luster, which allows to create the most incredible designs. Most commonly manufacturers use 925° sterling silver.

High-quality sterling silver jewels are generally plated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium has bright silvery-white colour and high gloss, exactly what even the purest silver is lacking. Apart from the visual makeover, rhodium protects the jewellery from oxidation and damage. Nevertheless it is necessary to remember, rhodium is subject to wear which is increased by frequent use. It is considered the rhodium plating should be renewed 1-2 times per year, depending on how often the product comes into contact with your skin.

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