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Sterling silver Swarovski crystals earrings

43.24 EUR 30.27 EUR

Gold owl pendant

67.60 EUR 47.32 EUR

Sterling silver ring with natural stones

Prices start from
69.22 EUR 48.45 EUR


71.80 EUR 46.67 EUR

Gold pendant with cubic zirconia

76.20 EUR 49.53 EUR

Yellow Gold pendant with cubic zirconia

77.57 EUR 50.42 EUR


85.80 EUR 42.90 EUR


94.33 EUR 47.16 EUR

Gold clover ring with cubic zirconia

124.65 EUR 93.49 EUR

Gold pendant in twisted design

130.00 EUR 65.00 EUR


134.74 EUR 101.05 EUR

Gold pendant with zircons

150.80 EUR 75.40 EUR

Gold earrings

161.04 EUR 120.78 EUR


Prices start from
180.63 EUR 117.41 EUR

Red gold Key pendant

182.00 EUR 91.00 EUR


184.22 EUR 92.11 EUR

Ring of red gold with zircons ZGG836/11

192.99 EUR 144.74 EUR


197.60 EUR 98.80 EUR


248.50 EUR 124.25 EUR


250.49 EUR 175.34 EUR


256.10 EUR 128.05 EUR

Gold earrings on chains

259.86 EUR 155.92 EUR


260.43 EUR 130.21 EUR

Gold wedding ring

260.60 EUR 156.36 EUR

Gold hinged back earrings with cubic zirconia

265.28 EUR 185.70 EUR


Prices start from
308.43 EUR 215.90 EUR

Yellow gold earrings

323.95 EUR 242.96 EUR

Gold ring with light blue topaz

350.40 EUR

Red gold wedding ring rhodium plated

371.91 EUR 260.34 EUR

Gold pendant

410.80 EUR 205.40 EUR

Gold ring with sapphire and diamonds

Prices start from
902.32 EUR 694.79 EUR

Gold Diamonds ring with green amethyst

1074.94 EUR 827.70 EUR

White gold pendant with diamond

1220.54 EUR 939.82 EUR

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