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Sapphire is a precious stone, variety of the mineral corundum. Traditionally sapphires are blue, however there are yellow, pink, green and purple sapphires. Rich red coloured shapphire is called ruby.

Sapphire's hardness (and Ruby's) - 9 points out of 10 on the Mohs scale.




"Star sapphires" have quite a high value on the market, due the effect of asterism. Such sapphires are cut en cabochon, to complement the pattern. The largest blue star sapphire, with the weight of over 1,400 carats, was found in Sri Lanka and named “The Star of Adam”.


Sapphire Healing and Magical properties.

Sapphire has always been considered as a symbol of conscience, self-control and justice. No wonder King Solomon's seal has been carved out of this stone. Sapphire leads to moral purification, protects from fear, strengthens determination and protects against slander. Sapphire will never hurt, but only if its owner is honest and has a good soul.

Sapphire is a stone of teachers and psychologists - people who can teach and put on the right path. The gemstone is also suitable for people on managing positions, helping them to organise work properly.


Sapphire pendant which is constantly in contact with the body at heart's level, helps with cardiovascular diseases. Sapphires help to lower blood pressure and get rid of a headaches. Sapphires in silver jewellery help with musculoskeletal system diseases.

"Star sapphires" are considered to be especially strong, they promote longevity and bring happiness to the owner.