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Ruby is a precious stone, variety of the mineral corundum, same as sapphire. The only difference between these two – is colour. Ruby is a red coloured stone, however in comparison with garnet, it has a pinkish tone. Ruby's hardness (and sapphire's) - 9 points out of 10 on the Mohs scale.


As with most natural gemstones, the presence of inclusions and cracks, guarantees you have a real ruby. Evenly coloured rubies without any imperfections are very rare and may exceed diamonds in value.




Same as sapphires "Star rubies" have quite a high value on the market, due the effect of asterism. Such rubies are cut en cabochon, to complement the pattern.



It is worth to mention one of the rarest types of rubies, known is “Pigeon blood”, of a bright red colour with purple hue. Such stone, weighing 25.6 carats, was sold at Sotheby's auction for a record price of $ 30 million.

Ruby Healing and Magical properties.

Ruby is a symbol of love and passion. Ruby ring received as a gift is an evidence of strong feelings. The gemstone also helps to get through the torments of love, whether it is one-sided love or the loss of a loved one.

Ruby gives strong poeple even more strength and courage to move forward and helps to lead people. Although weak person is at risk of being dominated by illusions. In general, ruby strengthens person's qualities: people with good thoughts become kinder and more fair. Angry and violent people will become even angrier. No coincidence that ruby was the favorite stone of Ivan the Terrible, afamous for his cruelty.

The gemstone has a positive effect on heart if worn on left hand's ring finger. However, it should not be worn by people who suffer from hypertension, and are overly emotional.

Ruby is able to strengthen the immune system, it improves metabolism, relieves migraine headaches. It is recommended to wear ruby jewellery during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, bare in mind, rubies should not be used on later stages.

After long wearing, the gemstone must be cleaned from negative energies, this is best done by the flame of a candle.