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One of the most abundant minerals on Earth is quartz. Pure quartz is either transparent or has a white colour due to internal cracks. Inclusions and impurities colours quartz, creating new varieties.

The use of quartz quite extensive. Fused quartz (glass) is obtained by melting several types of quartz, which is often used in watches. Such glass has the lowest refractive index.



Smoky and rose quartzes are one of the most commonly used in jewelcrafting. Smoky quartz is also known as rauchtopaz, but this term is not desirable, as it has nothing to do with topaz. Smoky Quartz's colour does remind all shades of smoke, and has a warm grey-brown colour. Like most gemstones smoky quartz should be protected from direct sunlight and should be stored in a dark place.




Rose quartz usually is not transparent and has a delicate pale pink colour. Most often quartz is faceted en cabochon, to reveal gemstone's colour in a best way. Jewellers' flight of imagination is limitless when it comes to rose quartz. This gem looks gorgeous in bracelets, brooches, rings. Large stones look especially good in pendants and necklaces.