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Pearls are produced by shelled mollusks, when a foreign object, such as a grain of sand, gets in the shell and its surface is deposited by layers of Mother if pearl. Suchwise, a few years later the natural pearl is born. 

Natural saltwater pearls (also known as wild pearls) are extremely rare. Sometimes to create a piece of jewellery with natural pearls, let's say a necklace, may take years, as to find same size and same colour pearls is extremely difficult.


Freshwater pearls are more common, but they have some significant differences with comparison to saltwater ones. Their luster is more dull, their surface is rough, and the shape is usually elongated.



Thanks to their unique beauty, pearls are appreciated just as much as gemstones. However, unlike dazzling stones, pearls will always look appropriate. Whether you are wearing smart business outfit and or evening dress you cannot go wrong with pearls. A strand of pearlsremains popular for decades, becoming an absolute jewellery classic. Pearl earrings are suitable for women of all ages, emphasizing their sophistication and femininity.


Nowadays people have successfully learned how to culture pearls. Do not confuse it with imitation pearls, as cultured pearls grow in natural conditions.


Culturing is incredibly time-consuming and laborious process. A small bead carved out of a shell is being transplanted into the mollusk. This should be done gently without damaging the pearl mussel. Then the mussels are returned into the sea, where they will spend a few years, coating the bead with mother of pearl. There is a great risk the pearl mussel will die or will not accept the foreign body, and will throw it out.

Another type of pearls, known as “Organic” are developped and used by Majorica only. The process of making such pearls is much faster and easier: matte glass bead is treated with special "pearl" paste, made from natural, organic ingredients. After repeated immersion, pearls get hand-polished and undergo strict quality control. To create a pearl may take up to 30 days. As a result, produced pearl combines all the qualities inherent to natural or cultured pearls (colour, iridescence, texture), but is less capricious, characterized by high durability and resistance to the environment.