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Jewellery Care


Most of us have a jewellery box at home, filled with some precious pieces, but not everyone knows how to take care of them. Darkened metal and faded gemstones can make us think it is a low-quality product or even doubt its authenticity. No need to forget about jewels that have changed the appearance, as with proper care they will last a long time.


Let's start with jewellery storage. All pieces must be stored in a soft padded jewellery box, away from the direct sunlight and heat sources. Amethyst, topaz, pearl, turquoise, garnet and ruby may lose their colour when exposed to UV light.

Sudden temperature change and humidity has a bad affect on gemstone encrusted jewellery. Therefore jewellery should not be left in a bathroom (especially if it is made of silver). All natural gemstones attract grease and dust when heated and as a consequence become dull and lose their luster.

To prevent the contact with other pieces, it is recommended to be keep jewellery in individual pouches, for example, made of organza. Thus you will protect them from scratching. This is particularly important for gold jewellery, as this metal is very soft. If treated carelessly it will lose its glossy shine and become dim.

In order to keep the jewellery away from dirt and damage it must be removed while performing household chores, playing sports or even using perfume, soap, creams and other cosmetics.


You can freshen up gold earrings, pendants and rings by soaking them in sugar water for 2-3 hours, and then wiping with a soft cloth. This will give your item an additional luster. It is necessary to choose a lint-free cloth, as otherwise it can cling to prongs.


To refresh pearl jewellery use soapy water bath and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. However, this is an extreme measure it is not recommended to use this method too often. To protect pearls from tarnishing simply wipe them with a soft damp cloth after each use. It is recommented to restring pearl necklace every 2-3 years.


Silver jewellery requires more frequent maintenance as it looses its luster quite quickly. Slight tarnishing can be easily washed off with lukewarm soapy water. Then the item should be rinsed with clean water and wiped with a soft cloth (e.g. Microfibre). Rhodium plated products should be treated with special care, making sure the coating will not get damaged or wiped off. This methot is not recommended for oxidised (niello) silver.

In conclusion...

However, do not get too carried away with these cleaning methods. Precious metals and stones are fastidious and capricious. Sometimes unsuitable cleansers and even soapy water (especially if abrasive-containing) can damage your jewel. Here, in our online-shop you will find a wide range of professional jewellery care products, such as polishing and cleaning cloths for gold, silver and pearls.There are cleaning solutitions available for gold and silver, suitable for a more thorough cleaning, which also protect the product from oxidation and dirt.

The safest and the most gentle way to take care of your jewellery is an ultrasonic cleaning, which is available at most jewellery repair shops. Ultrasonic baths can easily clean even the most intricate weaves, bring back the gemstone shine and make your piece of jewellery look new again.