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Dark red garnet crystals look similar to pomegranate seeds (Latin: granatus – grain, seed). Perhaps this is how the mineral got its name. Nevertheless, garnet is not necessarily red. It has many varieties, each of which has its own name. You can see few examples below:


  • Almadine - purplish red.
  • Pyrope - “flamelike”, red with orange shade.
  • Andradite - brown-red, green, yellow-green.
  • Rhodolite – Pink
  • Topazolite - Yellow
  • Schorlomite - dark grey.





Despite garnet varieties, deep red garnets are most commonly used in jewelcrafting. This colour is timeless and was revered by women at all times. A garnet ring used to be a symbol of wealth, and very few could afford such piece. Garnet bracelets were kept only in aristocrats' jewellery boxes. Nowadays this gemstone has become much more affordable. It is widely used not only in gold jewellery, but also in sterling silver earrings, pendants, rings, creating incredibly beautiful sets.


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