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Emerald is a green coloured beryl, considered as one of the most rare and expensive among other minerals. Emerald hardness is estimated to be 7.5 - 8 out of 10 units according to the Mohs scale.


Natural emeralds normally have cracks, visible internal defects, they are cloudy and may have an uneven colour. Due to these properties, emeralds are fragile and can be sensitive to compression.


Emeralds without any imperfections are very rare and may exceed diamonds in value. By the way, unlike diamonds, emerald clarity is graded by eye. If inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, an emerald is considered flawless.


One of the largest emeralds had been found in Brazil, and was estimated to be 180,000 carats in size. However, quality was lacking: the gemstone was cloudy and marred by major impurities.


Emerald Healing and Magical properties.

Emerald is a talisman of mothers. Women were advised to wear emerald jewellery during pregnancy, and after the childbirth it had to be put it into the baby cradle.


The gemstone is the patron of sailors and travelers. It helps to avoid dangerous roads, to notice the approaching storm on time, and protects from misfortune along the way.


Emerald does not tolerate evil thoughts, it is a symbol of chastity and purity of soul. It strengthens the marriage bond, does not accept cheating. It is believed that in case spouse's betrayal, emerald splits into parts and brings misfortune.


This precious stone's gorgeous green color is a real delight to the eyes, and it is not just the beauty. The gem helps to cure eye diseases, reduces eye fatigue and has a positive impact on the nervous system.


Emerald neutralises the negative energy, improves health, helps to maintain youthfulness. Oriental Medicine recommends applying emerald to the navel, to get rid of liver, kidney and stomach diseases. Keeping an emerald near the suprasternal notch, for example as a pendant, helps to treat cold and strengthens the heart.