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Amethyst is the most expensive variety of quartz. Its colour can vary from dark purple to pink. Amethyst crystals are quite hard, and estimated to have 7 points out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

The gemstone's name came from the Greek myth about beautiful girl Amethystos, who was turned into a stone by Artemis, in order to protect her from Dionysus (God of wine) brutal claws. Since then, amethyst is considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness.


Natural amethyst's colour is usually uneven. Depending on the lighting, amethyst can slightly change it, becoming brighter, or wise versa, getting a greyish hue. It is important to keep amethysts away from prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun, as its charming colour may become dull. Under strong heating purple amethyst changes colour to yellow and green. This property is often used by jewelers to create new masterpieces.



Australian crystal museum is a proud owner of world's largest amethyst geode, and its dimensions truly astonish. At a height of 327 cm, the stone weighs 2.5 tons. This miracle of nature fascinates by its beauty and holds visitors' attention. For its majestic appearance, the geode was named the “Empress of Uruguay”.